Welcome To Woodlea

Our proposal for a
Smart Community

Living Lab

An experiment evolving before our eyes

Sirius in the spotlight

In the past 12 months Sirius at 23 Furzer Street in Woden, ACT, has carried on impressing judging panels across the world, winning three major awards, including:

The Perks of Prefab

Prefabricated building technology delivers surprising sustainability benefits.

Mirvac Energy

Unlocking a renewable energy strategy

The Final Five

With construction recycling rates of around 95%, Mirvac has a strong track record – yet to achieve zero waste, we will still need to address that "last five percent"

Wild at Heart

Welcome to the Finery at Waterloo,
home to a new urban forest.

“We all know greenery looks good,
but our SROI research has shown
there’s a lot more to it than that.”

One Planet Living

Orion: a connected space

Since it was developed, Orion Shopping Centre has become much more than a place to shop for Springfield residents.

House With No Bills

Imagine living in a house with no bills. Thanks to Mirvac, one Australian family has the chance to do just that.